Brand history

Motorola MBP27T


baby monitor/baby monitors, digital, feedback, display: Yes, size: 2.4", the indicator weeping readings: temperature

Main (Motorola MBP27T)
The device type baby monitor, baby monitors
Technology digital
Support for multiple blocks up to 4 cameras
Characteristics of the parent unit (receiver) (Motorola MBP27T)
Readings temperature
Infrared shooting mode
Display size 2.4 "
Installation method on the surface
Indicators the volume of the voice of the child, out of range
Feeding timer
Food battery
Food from the network
Time of Autonomous work 3 hours
The battery charge indicator
Mount belt
Features baby unit (transmitter) (Motorola MBP27T)
Connecting the camera to a TV/PC
Remote control
Additional features
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